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Apr 23 '14
Apr 23 '14


It blows my mind that after all this time you’ve spent on earth, nobody ever bothered to tell you that your eyes aren’t fucking brown.

They are copper against honey and sage and when they water they glow, two perfect orbs the same shade as nature after it rains.

You’re not as simple as they wanted you to be.

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Apr 23 '14

“She makes the songs make sense.”


She makes the songs make sense.”

Apr 22 '14

I’ve been wanting to change my icon for a while, and the sunset was really pretty yesterday, so… yeah. It’s the return of Glowface.

Apr 22 '14
Apr 22 '14
Lorde - The Love Club (The Love Club)

I’m sitting pretty on the throne,
There’s nothing more I want
Except to be alone…

Apr 22 '14



remember when tony stark ate a donut in a donut because he was going through an existential crisis


Apr 22 '14



I’m sick of people wrongly defining bisexuality. It’s not ‘attraction to both men and women’ it’s about being attracted to ‘bi’ things like bicycles, binoculars, bilinguals and binary coding smh

So glad someone finally cleared this up.

Apr 22 '14


Cleaning my room requires a minimum of three dance numbers, two emotional break downs and one epiphany. sacrifice is optional.

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Apr 22 '14
  • Biggest lie told in schools: Bullying will not be tolerated.